The world of mortals has existed for the last 10000 years in utter peace with no contact from any outside influence such as angels or demons, or any evil creatures that used to roam the land. the stories of these beings are very few and far between. The only people that still tell them are religious leaders, and some historians. All forms of conflict were lost to history Even the idea of basic combat was just a fancy myth. One day, in fact on the day after anniversary of the beginning of this utopia, millions died. Beings and monsters the likes of witch the world had not seen for 10000 years spilled forth onto the land from seemingly nowhere. Slaughtering and pillaging, to their hearts content. Making up for 10000 years of their absence. Even disease and plagues seem to take a cue from the rampant destruction, and spread across the land in hours when it should have taken weeks. in one day the population of the world was reduced to 1/4th of what it once was. At the end of this day of destruction the evil of the universe must have been satisfied for the demons returned to their hell, and those men the diseases did not strike down made a slow recovery. The day after evil had its vengeance kingdoms fell when they found themselves without rulers. it took weeks for even the luckiest kingdoms to gather and assert themselves.

A small coalition of rulers of the strongest kingdoms gathered together on the third month after the Day of Evil as it came to be called. They gathered to discuss the rebuilding of the world and what changes they would need to make to ensure this event did not happen again. They gathered information that the evil creatures that were once native to this world and long since thought gone were beginning to reappear. Notices were put out to inform the remaining populace to arm themselves with any tool that could be used as a weapon and requests sent to blacksmiths to re-develop weapons history books described…

And this is where you a commoner come into this story….

The 10000 Years of Peace